about me

about-me-2 Hi there! I’m Kaylie. I’m a wife to my amazing and supportive husband who I’ve been married to for over 10 years. I’m a momma to my two sweet (most of the time) kiddos who are determined to grow up much too fast. I also have two pups who get themselves into trouble but, hey, at least they provide a few good laughs, sloppy kisses, and keep life interesting. I love my coffee drinks loaded with sugar, dairy, and topped with a perfect green straw, experiencing the world around me, breathing in the fresh, cool mountain air, getting dirt under my nails while playing in the garden, and the smell of chlorine. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado and know without a doubt that I’m meant to create.

I’m a natural light photographer. I love to capture the simple, unscripted moments. I aim to document the beautiful, pure moments to have something tangible to hold onto—to look back on. Time just doesn’t want to cooperate with any of us in slowing down, does it? As it passes, if it’s documented, you can have something to look at, helping unlock those tender memories. The joyful first few hours of your child being welcomed into your family. Savoring the reunion of your family being back together after an extended trip away from home. The important milestones in your life such as saying goodbye to a place you’ve called home as you prepare for the next adventure. Or even just where you currently are within your family life—the here and now.

I want to help you document those moments for you to hold on to. To look back on. To smile. And to remember the way it felt that day. To be able to look at those pictures and remember how your baby’s hair smelled, to remember that sweet giggle when you tickled your little one. To feel that warm embrace of the one you love or the taste of their tender kiss. That’s what I do. That’s what I want to give to you.


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