p52, project 52 week 10Pollen has become my nemesis. We have been in and out of the pediatrician’s office a total of nine times in the last two months. Why? Apparently those pesky little pollen molecules are playing a role and causing some issues. Not cool. But this girl? She’s not letting it get her down and I admire her for that.

So, since the pediatrician’s office has become a regular occurrence for us, I decided to bring my camera to at least one of our visits to document it. I mean, this p52 is a bit a documentary project for us, so it makes sense, right? We’ve spent so much time there and this stuff has been such a factor in our recent day-to-day, it only makes sense to have something to look back on. Hopefully when we look back on it, we’ll say, “remember that one crazy year…glad it was only that one year…”




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p52 dinner“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” I really need to follow this advice. It’s good stuff.

I always have the intention of keeping things simple. I thrive when things are simple. I thrive when I have time to do the things I love with the people I love. But that also means sometimes sacrificing some of the things I want to do. Sometimes it means delaying some of the things I’d like to do.

So while I love taking pictures and I love tinkering with my website, sometimes, I just have to turn my attention away from it and focus on the more important things–like my family.

Last week was filled with unpacking from our trip, yet another doctor’s appointment, school, loads of laundry, and getting back into routine. Somehow, there was just not much free time to do anything photography related and this p52 project fell off the radar and didn’t happen. And I’m okay with that.

So this week, to make up for some of that, I think I bit off more than I could chew. Considering it was spring break (which caught me by surprise, by the way), I thought I’d go ahead and finally work on updating my website AND get some posts done AND work on a portfolio review. Well, what I didn’t exactly see coming was kiddo getting hit with her asthma AGAIN nor how involved learning a new interface for my web design was going to be.

So yesterday was the day of recognizing this plan wasn’t going to happen and that I needed to redefine my goals. Yesterday was spent cuddling in bed watching lots of TV cuddled up next to both my girls as we all worked on getting kiddo’s asthma under control in hopes to avoid going back to the doctor. Yesterday was also used to take a small bite, one bit at a time, in tackling the overwhelming task of figuring out how to build this new website.

So now it’s Thursday and despite having little to actually show for working on this plan for the week, I can say that I’m a bit more calm, a bit more knowledgeable about this website redesign, and probably a bit more realistic of what my accomplishments will be. More importantly though, I have some good memories of taking the time to just snuggle with my girls yesterday.


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So things got a little quiet on here for a short bit. This was in part to a quick road trip up to Colorado to get a taste of winter since our neck of the woods totally failed in that department this year. On our return, we decided to stay in Santa Fe, NM for the night.

Amazingly, despite having lived fairly close to this little city, I’d never been before. As we were driving down I-25 listening to Mike Rowe’s podcast “The Way I Heard It” (super fun podcast, by the way), I was falling in love with the terrain. When we finally rolled into town, I was smitten. This city is so unique with all the adobe houses and buildings (even Target is adobe) and awesome with its very artistic inclined community. The culture and history is super rich too. Seriously, this little city has me written all over it. I only wish we had had the ability to spend more time there.

We chose to stay the night in downtown Santa Fe at a fun little place called the Old Santa Fe Inn. This hotel was gorgeous and was within a block and a half of the bustling downtown area. We had a fun little fireplace in our room that the girls loved falling asleep to while it glowed and warmed us up. We also had a gorgeous verandah overlooking the capital building.


We walked around downtown a bit that night, were amazed by the very pedestrian friendly drivers, in awe of the inexpensive yet intricate jewelry works of art, and enjoyed the sounds of the various musicians all around. Eventually we made our way to our restaurant for dinner where we enjoyed some authentic New Mexican green chile and then walked a to another restaurant where we enjoyed fresh sopapillas and the Mr. and I savored a margarita.

The next morning started off beautifully with a nice, calm, picturesque wake up with the glow of the sun peeking through the window and the warmth of the fireplace. Then our perfectly picturesque morning took a turn down a road nobody cared for.  One kiddo woke up still having difficulty with her breathing thanks to another round of that pesky pneumonia complicated by asthma and the other kiddo got smacked with the stomach bug that the other kiddo had several days prior. It was not exactly the kind of start to the day any of us had had in mind nor ideal for a day of traveling like we had planned to get us one day closer to home.

Unsure of what to do, we were able to cancel our hotel reservations we had in Texas for that night. We waited, we held back hair, we cleaned up a lot, got the kiddos showered, and eventually things calmed down and we set out on the road much later than planned. We set off towards Roswell, NM unsure of where our day’s travels would take us. We strongly debated going all the way home in the event that one or both of us adults would be the next victim of the stomach bug, but unsure if that was a little too overzealous.

By the time we rolled into Roswell, we committed and decided we were going all the way home. It made for a late night for the Mr. and I, and we had to be on hyper-alert because the fog rolled in thick and there were deer everywhere. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced but actually pretty cool (except for the one deer that gave me a super charged adrenaline boost just standing on the highway in the other lane).

Anyway, the next morning we all slept in super late but every one of us woke up super happy and thrilled to be home. Both kiddos bounced back to their normal selves and played nearly all day outside while the Mr. and I just savored the relaxing day.





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Can I let you in on a little something fun? I love goats. If I lived on a farm and could convince my husband, I’d have a goat as a pet. The kind that has curly ears. I don’t know why, I’ve just always had a soft spot in my heart for those creatures since I was a little girl walking up and down the stalls in the barns at the county fair.

Anyway, over the Christmas holidays, our family received several bars of goat milk soap. I was curious about them and have, over the years, been leaning towards finding more natural products. Some end up being a bit disappointing (like natural deodorant…anyone have one they love that works?) but then some, end up being more than I could’ve thought to be possible. This goat milk soap is one of the awesome ones. The company I get it from is called Silver Moon Farm from Tennessee via their etsy shop.

goat milk soapThey have a ton of different scents to choose from. Cedar and Fir is my husbands favorite, and my favorite is a toss-up between Lavender Mint and the Orange Rosemary. Not only are the scents amazing, but the things they do to the skin! A completely unexpected benefit ended up being the smoothing of skin to some of my family’s sensitive skin and less freaking out. They’ve also proven effective in helping keep our skin moisturized in the winter months.

A few other current favorites of note:


Stories Podcast–a great podcast for the kiddos to enjoy hearing stories while we drive around town. Some are short and funny and some are long and even multi-parted. All are written as original stories or adaptations of commonly known stories by Daniel Heins. No worries for the parent, you’ll enjoy the stories as well and possibly even get a tune or two stuck in your head.


“Diamonds” by Hawk Nelson

While not necessarily a super new release, it’s a song that has popped up in our car that we just can’t seem to get enough of. Love the message of this song.


“Magnolia Story” by Chip and Joanna Gaines

I’ll admit that it took a little getting used to reading the format of the book with Joanna writing it and then Chip popping in to give his perspective, but once I just let that go and read it, it was a fun read. Super quick and easy but it’s got a good message to it and one that got me thinking a bit.

**This post is strictly my own thoughts and feeling to these products and I have in no way been compensated to write this post. This is seriously just my own praise for products that I have discovered and love to use.

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