p52 {2017} | week 11

Spring has been here for about…um…well I’m honestly not quite sure. Winter never really came this year. We had our first 90degree day in early February and yet it doesn’t exactly feel like summer. It still gets cool in the evenings and the humidity isn’t crazy.

So in February I had the intentions of starting our patio garden and taking advantage of the nice warm, sometimes hotter weather. But we had vacation coming up, so I pushed it off a little and finally got around to playing in the dirt shortly after we came back home. The kids of course joined in.

We planted all kinds of things like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, and basil. Our carrots and radishes might need a wee bit of thinning.

The magic of planting seeds is how quickly they sprout. It’s exciting and the kids love it. They love checking on them everyday, get excited when something changes, and look forward to getting to eat the produce.


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