{in season} april asparagus

in season | asparagusI consider it a huge accomplishment that it is not only NOT the last day of April, but that I’m actually getting my April edition of this project published before the end of the month! This month has been filled with Easter, family in town, more asthma issues for Little Bit, a conference in San Antonio, and even a jellyfish-filled weekend away in Corpus. All that to say, it’s kinda a miracle that I’m getting this done on time. Next up on my list is catching up on my Project52–I’m only three weeks behind as of today.

So anyway, asparagus. Yes, that green spear-like plant that we refer to as “trees” and our kiddos as “giants.” Not sure if that’s what did the trick in convincing them to eat asparagus when they were first trying out foods, but they love asparagus just as much as we do.

We eat it pretty regularly in our house and my favorite way is grilled with a little bit of olive oil, kosher salt, and ground pepper. Nice and simple but oh-so-delicious.

Even more delicious? Eating asparagus when it’s fresh and in season.  But still, nothing compares to eating it fresh from a local place. We were so spoiled when we lived in Delaware and lived just miles away from Fifer’s Orchard. It is a fantastic place to enjoy all kinds of seasonal treats such as, you guess it, asparagus, as well as peaches, apples, blueberries, strawberries, and so much more. Oh, and the apple cider donuts…a little piece of my heart still cries that they’re so far away.

At some point, I’ll be adventurous enough to try to grow some in my own garden. But for now, I’m satisfied growing our carrots, basil, and radishes, and purchasing our asparagus from the store.

in season | asparagus


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